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Rob Thomas WallpaperWow., and thanks!

I can't make it to Vancouver March 31, 2006 for you tour. Have to go to N.O.. - Later in the year maybe.

Love ya., debraford123

ooh! Yes she did answer her email right here at her website. oooh!!

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Drawing by Debra Ford

Tuesday, March 07, 2006 blog from debraford123's My Space

debraford123,Rob Thomas,Videos,New Release, Matchbox 20
Current mood: grateful
Category: Music

Visit My Space for debraford123 featuring "my friend" Rob Thomas.  He has cut a Solo Album release 2006, you know.   He has made the arrangements that made it possible for me to place his videos from his latest cuts on my page.  No, I won't blog them to you, it was hard enough putting the videos where they are now.  But, if you visit you can view them.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page in my friends area, you will find 3 entries.  Tom, Matchbox 20, and Rob Thomas.  If you click on the photos, you will be able to go to their sites directly.  You'll get escorted in as a friend of a friend.  So, make sure to follow the link as an invite.  Everything is free, from registering, site visits, viewing privileges etc.    Yeah!  I know...all my sites are free right now. That's right.  I'll warn you when that's no longer the case. 

If I sound like a Rob Thomas Groupie you are almost right. 

I have been a Matchbox Twenty Fan/Groupie at heart for along time since 1996. The first time I saw a video of theirs was in 1998. Yes, I do remember. I could go on and on. If you know who they are already there is no need. If you never knew who Rob Thomas was, I believe you will quickly learn to appreciate his work. So, if you've checked my other sites and wondered what happened to the daily blogs.... well, I've been arranging things to Feature my wonderfully talented friend at "My Space". My Space and Spaces ( http://spaces.msn.com/debraford123 ) are two different Blog sites. Anyone can read my blogs, because, they are public feeds. These videos can be seen by people on my invite list, because they are stored on my profile page. See how it works? In this why I can share this with you. In a few weeks or months who knows. This may be at my other sites. But this,is one of the few places you'll see my picture, Rob Thomas' picture and Matchbox 20's pictures on the same page. There are about 5 other places, at Rob's page, and at the MB20's Friend section on one their pages at a Matchbox 20. And that's all the information I'm giving out right now. Okay, the link is as follow: This makes up for he fact that this blog isn't as flashy as the others.


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