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    November 2006

    Follow only the links which you are sincerely interested in. Sincere effort is being made to provide services and links to referred sites that are appealing to the visitors. All effort is made to make your visit to this site pleasant. In that way over time enough visitors will help to keep the site alive. The features of the site will change again in order to put the most prominent and more frequently visited items to the front of the website.

    Quality products and services are things which we each prefer to find as we spend our hard earned dollars. Though it would be dandy to have a site that is 100% free of ads, the truth is that people who build websites also eat and pay rent and house notes or business leases. So, forgive the delay, but tasteful ad and placement is time consuming. Additionally, larger companies prefer to deal with sites that do larger volumes and drop smaller sites like this one. But, it's a big world and a wide Internet.

    Time spent putting in links and building web pages is time that you can't get back. We will look forward to tomorrow, and continue to structure a site that is welcoming. This site will not send spam to it's visitors. If you have recieved mail claiming to be from this site, "It's fake" Nor, will we trick you into clicking links to things and places you don't want to visit. Articles and reviews already done may be added, even without the sponsors. br>
    Discussions of Electronics will vary and articles will accompany or follow entries of featured products, which are of true interest.

    AUGUST 2006

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    • has been added to the site The first week of August 2006. The old method of importing weather feeds has been discontinued due to the slow loading of the pages with that method. Three main weather pages have been added.

    • The main "General" weather page is

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      • Scrolling to the botom of the weather page inside the navigation frame is a Previous page button which will return you to the last page you were on before reaching the page

      • Links to other sections on the site and the DEBWEB can also be reached from this page

      • The initial page is centered on El Paso Texas for warnings and forcasts. Navigation to the various weather topics can be accesed there.

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      • Sharable images will be added as made available. Many game images are severely copyrighted and I cannot grant you permission to copy them so if you find images on this site and they are not marked for image sharing please do not use them in a manner that can cause you any complication. Of course no one can stop you from downloading the images onto your personal computers, since they are automatically on your system somewhere in a cache if you can see the image. Just do the right thing and nobody gets in trouble.

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      • 123Flukiest has a photowall and video and images uploded by debraford123

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      • Myspace slide shows have recently been made as an available feature – decision to add the slides of my pictures from personal pages there has not yet been decided since there is a slight question about the linkage rules for My space pages. The images from debraford123's myspace pages will be made available elsewhere on this site.

      • The flicker photostream may also be viewed as a slide show

      • Slideshows from Frappr will be included on the slie pages

        • election to include this slide show has not yet been decided as links have been provided already

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      • If you are viewing the photos at my actual blogs sites you can only leave comments if you are on my friend's list at certain locations. The option is reserved to disable all comments by this source if unsavory behaivior occurs

      • The photos at flickr are able to be sent directly todebraford123's Live Journal Blogs and Blogger's Blogspot blogs.

      • If you have a flickr account and have a compatible blog you may use photos listed there with a cc rating in your photo blog while abiding with the Flickr agreements

      • APIs are being adjusted to directly import the pictures into Blogs here. Other dutiies will hold a higher priority since two other DEBWEB blogs sucessfully handle the export. Currently any flicker embeds here are being inserted by hand (with code that is)

      • Notes have been added to some of the photos acessible only by visiting the photo pages at Flicker

        • if you have disables all popups you will not see the notes on the images

  • debraford123's Live Journal

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    • items have been posted at Blogspot

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      • Once each seperate blog is completely designed the topics will be narrowed to particular thematic components at each of the various blogs making them suitable for specific audiences.

      • Seperate pages will be used at this site as a variety of topics and categories.

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    • Weather, News, Locations, Entertainmen, Travel, Reaction, Maps

      • El Paso, Tx

      • Other Featured Cities Include Houston, TX New Orleans, La

      • Projected Cities may feature

        • places traveled

        • future destinations

        • home towns of featured music artists

        • Geologic locations of interest

    • -General information :

    • Page at Debra Ford Enterprises and for my friends on the Yahoo 360 network occasional entries are made at DEBWEBblog 360 Yahoo

    • -Updates on Art Projects:

      • can be found at the meet the Artist browser page and in the blog here Ford's Personal Page where you can see a dramatic difference between before and after - on this navigation page there is the browser window for one of my personal profile pages and at the bottom of the page you can see the original page as it was in the very beginning. The pages and the entire site will continue to evolve

      • . Meet the Artist

        • is the name of the actual Page Profile on

        • the page ison the Yahoo 360 network community

        • photostream of the pictures which are at flickrr are available on the profile page and are automatically updated when new photos are added

        • Comments

          • have been disabled from the meet the artist page if you are not on y friend's list due to people adding links to ads for software packages on my blog. When I am ready to sell software for Graphic Arts I will give you the links to my Adobe Pages, but, they will NOT be found on my meet the artist page and neither will be any links to “Strangers Sale Suggestions”.SSS” Oooooh!...No she didn't just bust someone for trying to slip in their advertisement links on her site on the sly Oooh.. Yes She Did !!!!!

          • comments can be left as messages and if they actually are inline with the page I will add them for you at my discretion

          • It is a “meet the artist page “ NOT a comentary on whether or not you approve . If you approve you are welcomed to visit as often as you like and tips and i

          • Images are made available for non-commercial usage with proper reference to the artist

          • I am very busy and have a life time of ideas and your comments on what I should paint or draw are only requested from those who I do art work for so unless you are one of my “Bestest” Friends, Family or a Customer don't tell me what to draw or paint...and that's the way it is. Ooooh ... No she didn't tell you that her creativity is more important than your instantaneous suggestion to add your personal ideas to her life long to do list... Ooooh ... YES She Did!!!!

        • Messages can be left at the mail for the profile page

          • Do not leave advertisements in my mail or you will be reported. If you are my friend and I have expressed to you in particular that I was looking for a specific thing and you are getting back to me...well that's different. But, the person who sees a key word that coincidentally connects with their product...that doesn't work for me. It also tells me that the person didn't really spend much time on my profiles. When a person is in a position to have to replace everything, at the same time,they already have an extremely long list of specific products that they want. At my stage in life I have a good idea of what definitely need. Sure, there are grey areas. For the grey areas I go shopping online, make my wish lists, bookmark pages of interest and do the research.

            Things that don't work: 1) sending me an email saying "dear stranger, I have the product you need" - that's just crazy. 2)Trying to sell me graphics software - duh 3)Telling me that I bought something that cost more money than I have from a site I never heard of just to get me to click your link - ha! 4)Trying to sell weight loss products to a skinny person - double..ha! 5)Trying to get me to be a bookkeeper for an overseas company and launder your checks and money orders...NO Way!!!6)Trying to convince me to for some wierd reason to claim the insurance money from sombody I never heard of and ..oh yeah..keep it a secret 7)Trying to get me to click on links to Dating sites of all things to see whether or not I want to chat with some miscelaneous person who can't manage to connect with the thousands of people who are already members. 8) Telling me I won 2 million dollars in an over seas lotteryso I must give you all my personal information including my social security number as soon as possible and ...oh yeah Keep it a secret.9)getting me to pick between Walmart and Kmart 10)Askng me to fill out a survey that asks all the questions that I've seen as security questions from financial institutions.
            So don't try it. The amount of work some people put into trying to trick other people is more effort than some people do to get rich legally

          • Do not leave smut in my mail box

          • Do not leave any messages saying you have fallen in love with me and want to spend your life wit hme... Go visit your shrink and tell them about it or let it be your own little secret.

        • The blog for that page is will attempt to fill the spot for those of you waiting for my personal artist page here

        • The Meet the Artist Blog is also simultaneously posted with a different look directly here on this site at The font is much smaller and the entire color scheme is different

      • If that doesn't do it try My Journal

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    It will be 8 months since initial launch on the 25th.There have been multiple changes and updates
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      • during August and can be accessed from the weather and main pages. Information placed on network community site blogs will remain ther for those local communities even after placing the material on this site. Please overlook any redundancy of topics during this transitional period. Bookmarked pages of interest topics which will develop into extended articles have been placed at various bookmarking services and will be found on this site as links pages. The majority of bookmarkked pages have been visited and checked. The bookmarks added from Raw sugar are a combination of personal links and those collected by themed searched. Those particular entries will be revisited before adding those links to this site for reference. It is the objective to bring wholesome links to you so there is a time element involved in prescreening the links.

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In order to return to the original quick loading pages that we all prefer news feeds are being moved to News and are no longer available on this page



Game Review


Chebo Man

- Had a game system in the 80's and 90's? You'll love this!

This game is configured for keyboard play. With a very small investment you can get a gamepad that comes with a game profile disk. Chebo Man and so many other games come alive once you plug in your gamepad. It doesn't matter if there is no setting for anything other than the keyboard (if you get the right controller). This being the case, my review may be much higher that the average demo user that only uses the keyboard.

This is along the line of many classic games. The graphics and sound are excellent. Chebo man comes with his own wings and halo. If you respond at the moment of "impending doom," he gently glide upward to safety. There are some points in the game where you are better off if Chebo Man almost dies, because, flying with his wings is easier than making some of those trickier jumps.

If you played Mario until you wore out the cartridge, you can get this game and put it directly on your hard drive. Those of you who paid up to 80 dollars a game cartridge in the 80's and 90's, will see the beauty of this deal. So, try out the demo.

Beware - if your kid sees Chebo Man in action, they will beg you to buy it until you do! Once you get the game, start saving for a second computer. You will have to fight with the kids to get them off the computer, to check your email. Or you could just wait until they go to sleep.

Demo Review of Chebo Man by debraford123
download the installer now for the demo installer only 5.32 mb for fast download
debraford123's Review - February 11, 2006

There is a lot more on this page – keep scrolling

Meet the Artist Page
The Blog portion of page at 360 has been brought into the main website and can be viewed at :there is a personal page associated with it at the Yahoo 360 site. You can now view it without leaving this site at my browser window for Meet the artist 360 at :

My Journal at AOL has been a little neglected I expect to write more in it later this year as it is intentionally set aside for my more heart felt topics that are left over after the other blog categories are in place. Browser pages at for site: Meet the Artist Browser
Live Journal

myspace blog

To be added

debraford123's Blogspot

123FlukiestPictures and videos mostly clouds for now.
visit debraford123's page at Music Freedomdebraford123 music mix at Music Freedom
and more browser pages to be added. Spaces has become Spaces Live (it is possible that he page might not be fully compatible with this navigation page. If that is the case it will not show up in the browser window.) Effort is being made to make much of te information from spaces and myspace postings available to youhere in the future.
debraford123's space is now at The new look is dramatically different. Where the table backgrounds were a much more warm brown , they are quite bold orange. A new template will be selected in the near future. Access to my bookmarks are listed under favorites at the spaces site.

For the Latest Game Reviews by Debra Ford click: Good Games I didn't like as compared to those I really did like at just added today.

were originally posted at debrafords123's spaces which is a profile page that exists on the Microsoft network. Microsoft is moving toward "spaces live" and opening a friend network. The direction the page will grow may be influenced somewhat by the changes expected to occur.
.During development stages the blog at Spaces has also served for news relases for musicians, national and game reviews. Game reviews will be moved to this site and at DEBWEBGameblog 360 at Yahoo

I have updated my Music Mix at Music Freedom

This collection includes( and will feature) Jazz, Classical, Contemporary Classical, Soundtracks, New Age, Piano /Jazz/rock, alternative, indie, guitar, & piano.

Many of the music artist here have a wide variety of styles. Some have exceptional collections which transcends across genres with a timeless appeal. Some have a a range showing many different styles that depends highly on tastes. As these are only samplings links to the band websites are available on their profile pages.

As my song mix player is "full," additional notable music and music artist will be added in as my subscribed list with a periodical rotation of the song clips. The "song clips" link to the music artists' profile pages through subscribed list icons on
my page at Music Freedom  (where you will find the links to the band sites for those music artists).


samples includes titles by:

Kevin Burdick -

Fire Fly
Robbie's Song
Plastic Hearts
(Myspace page at

Douglas Johnson -

(Myspace page at

Cataclysmic sounds-

Turning heart for Piano a

Frantic cupid69 -


Patrick L. Halliwell-

A deep road in the Mountanins
Lucky's piece
River of dreams

Marco Esu-

Primo risvelgilo parte 1

Dean Stevenson Dawn-

The Journey Home
On the Move

Tom Tallitsh-

Propella head
Coming Around

Fran Senden-

Crime Calls
Stan Satin
River of Dreams

Extended blog entries and personal reviews will be placed at my blog on Music Freedom's the majority of the artist on that playlist do not have pages at myspace. Those who are also on my Friend's at myspace will be placed in the blog on that network also.


If you click the above icon it will take you to Music Freedom's front page where you can register or browse   .

Use this link to get to :my page at Music Freedom . ( I have more personal pictures there )

Debra Ford aka debraford123

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For the Latest Game Reviews by Debra Ford click: Good Games I didn't like as compared to those I really did like at just added.


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An excellent photo organizer that works on most systems is Picassa. I actually had it installed on a system with only 256 memory in 2005 and it worked just fine. I do recommend it highly. It will find all the photos on your system and give you a variety of viewing options. If you have an extremely large number of photos on your system it will take a while to build the database but is totally worth it. So install it when you are taking a break from computer usage so the program can help you find your photos. This will permit you to store photos in places other than just “my Pictures.

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