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and leave comments about things you would like to see on the site. Though the site is brand new I am sure you will find the site enjoyable even during construction phase. You can watch the site grow daily! There will be page after page of News, Diaster Relief update, Links to the places you really want to go, Shopping, Art, Poetry, Computer Tips, Geologic & Science Tech info and a Glossary too! Of course there will be downloads, games, and stress relief sections.

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Debra's Current PROJECTS :since September 19, 2005 1.relocating 2. Salvaging Art Work and Poetry created before Katrina 3. Collecting information on disaster reief news 4. Launching a website(you are here) 5.Establishing a comercial location 6. Building an e-store 7. Putting together a website that people want to come back to without worring about getting e-mailed to death 8. Refurnishing a house and office 9. Setting up commercial accounts 10. Replacing all art supplies to create new art works. 10. Collecting photographic collections of my former art works from private collectors who were not in the hurricane zone in order to replace a portfolio. 11. Beginning newly commissioned artworks. 12. Establishing remote locations for art shows and sales 13. Generating art work for an upcomming Art Show (the place and dates will be posted will be posted when confirmed) 14. Setting up an art studio 15. Refinishing hard wood floors 15. And on and on and on.....

Debra's PROJECTS:before Hurricane Katrina

1.External assignments:Website building 2.Personal home page building 3.Editing of books and Manuscripts 4.Converting 29 years of hand written notes and writing to computer files for books and website 5.Photography and scanning of 18 years of art work to create computer files for books website and production of prints 6.Wall mural 7.Canvas Mural

(photos will be added to the gallery upon completion and at various stages of project developments)

Debra's Current studies: Developer Program building, Java script building(reading) , computer graphics applications, theology, math review, foreign languages, astronomy, continued studies in geological mapping, sheet music reading and learning to play the guitar

Topics, links, downloads and more

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