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please wait a few seconds for the page to load. This is my "reactionary Journal" pictures in this journal are stored online at my picture share account "123flickr" on clicking on images in this journal page will bring you to an enlarged version of files created and stored by administrators of this site. At the photo pages you may download the largest image stored at the site. You can also access notes inside the images and view the various image sets on a gallery page or as a slide show.
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- - is an impresion journal and will be have a variety of entries in the future. it is currently available as a browser navigation page at this site.

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To be added currently you can visit the blog by selecting from the topics available by category on this page.

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is a blogger Will be made available here in the near future.
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Visit debraford123's page at Music Freedomdebraford123 music mix at Music Freedom
for a lovely collection of samples of very relaxing music by independent music artist. and more browser pages to be added.

MSN Spaces has become Spaces Live (it is possible that he page might not be fully compatible with this navigation page. If that is the case it will not show up in the browser window.)

Effort is being made to make information available to you at debraford123's space in the future. The site is now at This is the initial site where game reviews were blogged and the [ermalinks for those files will remain active for you. The new look is dramatically different. Where the table backgrounds were a much more warm brown , they are quite bold orange. A new template will be selected in the near future. Access to my bookmarks are listed under favorites at the spaces site. As, I have thousands of bookmarks it may take a while before all are sorted into categories and tagged at live favorites. At any rate that is an additional place you can go to brows many quality links on line.