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A business, large or small should be mutually beneficial to it's customers if it is to succeed.  Honesty, hard work, appreciation of the efforts of others and willingness to fill needs are the driving forces of these ventures. Having relocated from New Orleans after evacuating for the hurricanes, this site and all business services offered are brand new. This site will remain active and functioning as products and services are being added. For detailed information Go to debraford123.com


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Alice in Wonderland

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where you can see a dramatic difference between before and after - on this navigation page there is the browser window for one of my personal profile pages and at the bottom of the page you can see the original page as it was in the very beginning. The pages and the entire site will continue to evolve.
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Visit 123Flukiest - - Pictures and videos mostly clouds for now.

Visit debraford123's page at Music Freedomdebraford123 music mix at Music Freedom
for a lovely collection of samples of very relaxing music by independent music artist. and more browser pages to be added.

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Effort is being made to make information available to you at debraford123's space in the future. The site is now at http://spaces.live.com/debraford123. This is the initial site where game reviews were blogged and the [ermalinks for those files will remain active for you. The new look is dramatically different. Where the table backgrounds were a much more warm brown , they are quite bold orange. A new template will be selected in the near future. Access to my bookmarks are listed under favorites at the spaces site. As, I have thousands of bookmarks it may take a while before all are sorted into categories and tagged at live favorites. At any rate that is an additional place you can go to brows many quality links on line.

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      In the process of building this site many outside sites have been developed on local networks. As the intention is to find good places to visit and to recommend good services for those who may want personal pages the last few months have been quite busy. The web environments designed in many cases are quite elaborate and sometimes very busy. HAving been met with favorable response to various designs, it gives a better sense of direction for the development of this site. Also hands on page design on "serverside applicatmade the abilit qickly edit this site without destroying the site much easier.It also gives my visitors somewheres to visit as alternate sites when this particular site is down. Many instances working on a website can take the site off line if not careful. Especially during high volum uploads which are anticipated intermittently. If the sit is unreachable...know that it is only temporary. Feel free to start your own private favorites and bookmarks from the pages here. It is often possible that you can still reach some pages even if the main page is unreachable. With that being said here is a list of some of my external pages, blogs and bookmark collections. This list can also be found with active links at Update on the DEBWEB Migration - blog entry at my "spaces" blog. Or you can copy and paste them into the address bar. They are already available as links somewheres on this site and I'm going to skip redoing the links for now. Spaces is now "Live Spaces". And, yes Space and Myspace are two completely different networks.

      Other places you can visit while I have the site tied up are: www.debraford123.com/DEBWEBGAMES.html
      http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=77690047&MyToken=173f857c-523a-44dd-98ad-f75b39f8a53aML blog for debraford123 at myspace:
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      123codetester (123 Code Tester)
      http://www.myspace.com/123codetesting blog: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=79559081&MyToken=282c97ab-86cc-4288-a441-10f58d0a7d79ML
      blog for 123 code tester:
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      If you have a strong system: http://www.myspace.com/debraford123
      These are the sites I have tested several designs for compatibility and speed in order that the final site design will be more easily navigable for you.

      Please note that this is not a complete listing by any means.
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P.O. Box 716
El Paso, Texas 79944-0176

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Debra Ford Enterprises There are a lot of people named Debra Ford. All Business transactions from this site will reference debraford123.com or www.debrafordenterprises.com And emails of confirmation will come from addresses at these domains. Any additions will be made known at this site.

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