Credits: Site Builder Debra Ford for debraford123.com and debrafordenterprises.com

This list will be added to during the initial construction phase and as developments emerge

the FAQ, Appendix, privacy, conditions and terms, and credits for additional services provided to this project will be amended and available by Jan 30, 2006. I wish to give credit in advance to anyone who emails me in the future to notify me of typos or technical problems in the early stages of this project.

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Ebooks offered were generated by efforts through "The Gutenberg Project" and can be found also at www.gutenberg.org. They are presented in the format recieved and ins some cases are offerdad downlod so the origional material or as links to the site at gutenberg.org .

Open source shareware and freeware(gnu public license) software packages were utilized in addition to purchased software. All software programs were thoroughly evaluated on several systems and strict adherence to programing guidelines were made to insure compatibility with multiple systems. Any pages generated at a future date will be duplicated in plain text format for users with system conflicts unforeseen at the time of compilation. Programs fonts and text acquired from other sources used on this site comply with the rules and regulations of GNU GPL ISO AFL Open Source or direct agreements of rights and terms as provided by those sources

Site Builder Debra Ford
other tasks included:

-image enhancement

-web page layout and initial structure build in accordance with Public Domain Format standards HTML 3.2 and 4.0 4.1

-Initial flash and movie building done with Power Bullet Presenter an can be played with the Macromedia flash player and Quick Time player

-Web research for geologic links, regulatory standards and software

-Image editing, photography

-Software used to create website portions by D. F. includes: Open Office 1.3 SOT Office 2003, NotePad, Note Tab Lite, Iris OCR 7.1, Word Pad, MSPaint, Budgi 1.6, Abiword, Java, Powerbullet Flash Presentator 1.3, IE6, HP Image Editor, Xnview. Though many of these sections will be re-edited prior to release, credit should be given for the value added during the construction phase.

-usage of HP hardware ,HP Pavilion PC, HP Notebook, and Gateway PC

-creation of mini-movies and slide shows created with Power Bullet Presenter, Powerbullet converter, Macromedia Shockwave flash, QuickTime 6.3, Final versions with Yahoo Site Builder, HTML editor and other Yahoo small business web building tools

-search engines by Google and Yahoo, dictionaries and reference links are by the respective companies as named by their services

Other features and software and or companies can be referenced on the credits, reference, or appendix pages. Any omission is temporary and there is no intention to avoid giving credit.

Domain acquired on Dec. 20th, 2005 Page amended and launched on December 29, 2005. Additional components added pages integrated on December 30, 2005.

Services related to financial transactions and background services will be added upon launching of any such commercial product. Extended records of or pertaining to financial compensations are handled under the name of Debra Ford Enterprises connected to the site located at www.debrafordenterprises.com. Upon of store front and sales, web pages may or may not be mirrored on the above fore mentioned site. Notification will be given in regards to these issues.

Generation of security and privacy policies will be added to the site in the very near future. All efforts are being made to comply with the highest quality of standards.

This web page content (located www.debraford123.com/content/index) was constructed and written using Open Office, Note tab lite, Yahoo HTML editor, Notepad. And is being redesigned to include graphic and web design of the author. Other pages generated with these programs include:

Links to Software companies:

The domain debrafordenterprises.com was registered on December 29, 2005 to Debra Ford. The domain debraford123.com was registered on December 20, 2005. Credits can be found at http://www.debraford123.com/content/credits.html

The holder for the mirror page on www.debrafordenterprises.com was generated by Yahoo Web Page Starter.

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